Tri. Pel, s.l.
It is the family company founded by Ramon Regincós (father) in 1962 and specialized in the manufacturing of high quality hair brushes for professional stylist use. The large professional experience, a cotinuos innovation and the high quality of our brushes, conbined with an excellent trade and a good customer service, are the foundations which distinguish Regincós in the today top hairdresser´s world market.
Our own philosophy of "craftsmanship quality" still guided the company, runner today by his three sons (Ramón, Salvador and Marc), and leads the success ourdomestic an international markets, manufacturing for the most reputable brands of this sector and working hand by hand with the most celebrity stylist worldwide.


With 50 years of history and having accumulated large experience and professionalism, our today´s future is focuses toward a return to the exclusivity and prestige of our "Premium Quality" brushes, discarding automated processes, the use of many plastic raw materials (not ecological) and avoiding to get sales position in "overcrowded" sectors in the market.
Most manufacturers of brushes (in Asia and Europe), made brushes for "large consumer" markets or "low cost" salons ! ... Regincós brushes is something different, more exclusive, premium high quality and made ​​by hand, created and addressed to a more select people, who prefer natural materials less harmful to the hair.


ECO Friendly
We have not invented anything ... it's just to continue manufacturing as we have always done!. Quality wood from non-endangered forest cutted and polished mostly by hand. First cut 100% boar bristle and reinforced, to ensure a minimum damage to the hair structure and scalp, and all final processes finished also by hand ... with an stricted quality control, to ensure the perfect finish of our items.


Natural Styling
The high quality of Regincós brushes are not only environmentally friendly, we also pursue and respect the idea of ​​a more "natural hairdressing", less aggressive and dependent on forced process with "hot irons" or "thermal brushes". In Regincós we support the classic blow-dry and brushing process, highly effective in getting more natural finishes even in "slick" or "curly" hair. More natural volume and smooth for a more natural and healthy hair.


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